TOKYO - 2019

27 students of Sakhalin Aikido Federation spent the first week of October in Tokyo at international aiki stage.

This time the group included of 19 teenagers aged from 12 to 17.
Despite unusual for Sakhalin heat in October - the temprature was up to 32 C the aikidokas have done a month practice program.

They had very intensive training program in four dojos under coach of well known masters: Doshu, Irie Shikhan - in International Hombu Dojo, Hiroaki Kobayachi Shikhan in Kodaira & Tokorazawa Dojos, Yamawaki Hisashi in Higashi-Murayama Dojo.

So Sakhalin Aikidokas had a chance not only to sharpen their practical skills, but dive into aikido atmosphere as well, to see practice of masters and feel the impact of power of spirit on human's life.
Excursion program also made contribution into this trip. Instructors of Sakhalin Aikido Federation arranged excursions to Ueno zoo, Toyota Museum and famous Museum of Samurai.



The 10th Aikido Kobayashi Dojo International Seminar took place in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on Apr. 29 – May 1, 2019. The seminar was led by Yamawaki Hisashi Shihan (6th Dan Aikido Aikikai) instructor of Aikido Kobayashi Dojo.

Yamawaki Shihan gave six classes in three days for more than 70 aikidokas from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Korsakov.

Special classes were given to children to make them more acquainted with the art of aikido and its main principles.

Final day of the stage was devoted to Dan Promotion Tests. Dmitry Soldatenko, Ekaterina Belova, Elizaveta Petruchenko, Yulia Leonova were promoted to 1 Dan Degree, Evgeny Bardyshev was promoted to 2 Dan.



Aikido Kobayashi Dojo International Attestation Seminar was hosted in Solnechny, Khabarovsk Region on April 26 – 28, 2019.

The seminar was lead by Yamawaki Hisashi Shihan (6th Dan Aikido Aikikai) instructor of Aikido Kobayashi Dojo.
The event gathered over 60 participants from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Khabarovsk, Komsomolsk on Amur, Solnechny.

Three days of stage were devoted to practice with weapon (boken, jo) and without it.


Vitaly Korzh, Instructor of SFA and Alexei Rezepov, Head of Kokoro Aikido Dojo (Solnechny, Khabarovsk Region)participated in International Aikido Seminar led by Christian Tissier (8 Dan Aikido Aikikai, Shihan) in Moscow on March 30-31, 2019.

Our colleagues have got unique opportunity to practice the basis of aikido under leadership of Tissier Shihan. This practice became a good preparation to international attestation seminars in Komsomolsk on Amur and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.


Sakhalin Aikido Federation sincerely congratulates Valeriy V. Bastrakov, Head of Khabarovsk Region Aikido Federation with promotion to the 5th Dan Aikido Aikikai at Kagami Biraki Ceremony in Tokyo, 2019.



Khabarovsk hosted the 9th Far East Aiki Congress on Jan. 3 – Jan. 6, 2019.
This year Aikido Congress gathered over 130 participants from various aiki schools (Aikido Aikikai, Iwama Ryu, Dendo Ryu, Sin Sin Toitsu ) Khabarovsk, Blagoveschensk, Vladivostok, Komsomolsk on Amur and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

There were 13 classes during 3 days. Each class was lead by representative of each school. Instructors reviewed basic aspects of aikido and variations as well. Great attention was paid to exchange of experience and methodical work with children groups.

Sakhalin Aikido Federation was represented by 15 participants, 12 of them were teenagers.

02 - 09.10.2018

TOKYO - 2018

Nikaido Mitsuru sensei's seminar hold in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in late September gave Sakhalin aikidokas significant positive charge prior to autumn training trip to Tokyo. This trip to Hombu Dojo tied with 50th Anniversary of Aikido Kobayashi Dojo was planned by Sakhalin Aikido Federation for the period of October 2-9, 2018.

The schedule of this traditional trip included 13 practical classes. Classes in Hombu Dojo were at the early morning. Those who came to Homby Dojo at the first time got acquainted with training process led by grand children of O Sensei. More experienced aikidokas got excellent opportunity to practice with uchi deshi.


SFA members also practiced in Kobayashi Dojo; friendly and informal atmosphere made positive impact on training process and practice of aiki skills.


Anniversary seminar in Tokorozawa Budokan Center became the culmination point of the classes in Aikido Kobayashi Dojo. This event united over 370 persons from over 20 countries of the world. SFA members obtained the unique opportunity to practice, make acquaintance and simply talk with colleagues from various countries. Actually there was represented almost all the world on tatami - from East to West and from North to South.


Sightseeing program of this trip could have been usual if it did not include travel to Iwama town in Ibaraki province. It better to use the word travel since it took quite long time to get there and the difference between hurrying Tokyo and calm Iwama was so bright. It seemed quite clear why O Sensei leaved Tokyo for this town. Still active Aiki Shine and Aiki Dojo built by O Sensei were also amazing. Their tatami still hosts practical classes and seminars.


Generally it would be fair to note dynamic start of 2018/2019 study year in SFA. The impressions from September event and October trip to Tokyo are calming down, but SFA members are preparing themselves for another, the third in this season event - the seminar led by Fabrice Groize to be hold on October 26 and 27, 2018 in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Definitely every such event, seminar, trip has positive impact on progress of each and every aikidoka, accelerates the technical progress at any level. However these events are aimed, first of all, on those who prepare themselves for dan tests. The next dan test in SFA is scheduled on April-May 2019.


On September 21-23 Sakhalin Aikido Federation hosted seminar led by Nikaido Mitsuru sensei (5 dan aikido aikikai).

Japanese masters made and still making significant impact on training of Sakhalin aikidokas. In particular Nikaido sensei was giving classes for SFA members in the late 90's and early 2000's.
So joint practice is one of the best events for aiki friends' meeting.

Nikaido sensei gave 6 classes during these days. Two of them were for the youngest aikidokas. Sensei emphasised attention on the basic elements.

Friendly and easy style of teaching helped participants to catch the key points and information and motivated not only children, but adults as well to practice at the classes.

Despite tight schedule the participants did all their best to avoid missing a single class.

Four "adult" classes were devoted practice of hands and hips manipulations. Sensei's approach was based on change of direction from moving up to moving down, it was the red line of the practice, so some of participants called it "Up & Down" practice.

In conclusion of the seminar Nikaido sensei gave good wishes to the participants, asked them to follow his advises and keep in mind pair nature of aikido practice.

In reply to the words of gratitude sensei expressed his hope that the knowledge and skills received by the participants of seminar will serve to further progress of Sakhalin Aikido Federation.


Traditional Aikido summer camp had been held in the period from 11 to 21 July 2018.
Sapporo (Japan) had been chosen as the place of event.
27 young aikidokas at age from 8 to 15 years took part in the camp this year.
The organizers of the camp were Sakhalin Aikido Federation (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk) and Hassamu dojo (Sapporo).
Program camp session, in addition to daily training sessions in aikido, included a large number of cultural events.

Trainings were organized and conducted as a Japanese instructor personnel and instructors from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.
Under the guidance of Sakashita Kaoru sensei Sakhalin aikidoists comprehend the nuances of basic aikido techniques - Kihon Waza.
Trainings by Sakhalin instructors were directed not only at the technical aspect of Aikido, but also on the special physical training young aikidokas.
Much attention was paid to education in the classroom speed, coordination abilities of the children and their special endurance.
There were 7 group excursions, in which the children were able to learn more not only about Aikido and Japan, but also about the world.
The excursion program includes visits to the historical village of Hokkaido, Maruyama Zoo, Museum of Science and Technology for Children, winter sports museum on Mount Okurayama, Sapporo City Aquarium, the largest Templar complex in Hokkaido "Hokkaido Jingu".


On April 19 - 21, 2018 Sakhalin Aikido Federation hosted IX International Attestation Seminar led by Yamawaki Hisashi Shihan (6 dan, Tokyo). The venue of this event was Specialized Children and Youth Sports School of the Olympic Reserve (Greco-Roman Wrestling). Initially Sakhalin Aikido Federation planned the seminar to be led by two teachers, however Yasuo Kobayashi So Shihan could not visit Sakhalin due to health circumstances. All members of SFA wish Yasuo So Shihan soonest recovery.

By the set time seminar gathered significant number of participants from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Korsakov, Khabarovsk, Komsomolsk on Amur and Blagoveschensk.

During three days of the event Yamawaki Shihan gave seven intensive classes. The teacher is well known for his serious requirements to the quality of basic technical elements of aikido since they are foundation for the following progress. Yamawaki Shihan set up the priorities as follows: the first classes were devoted to interaction with partner and control of balance. Then intensity of classes was growing up. Practical exercises were realized in flow mode when participants practiced in groups one by one without stop.

Sensei paid special attention to the practice with traditional weapon (boken, jo, tanto) as dan promotion tests include techniques with it. On the final day of the seminar candidates for 1, 2 and 3 dan successfully passed through the promotion tests. Yamawaki Shihan allowed other participants to attend the tests with one unchanged condition - no photo, no video.

At the evening of April 21 sensei gave final class within the seminar. The event was good and dynamic, it flew at one breath - same as previous ones.

However this time seminar was not similar to the previous ones: it coincided with SFA's 25 th anniversary.

At the midday of April 22 big hall of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Specialized Children and Youth Sports School of the Olympic Reserve (Greco-Roman Wrestling) hosted the celebration of this event. There was atmosphere of good wishes, friendly smiles and sincere gratitude. Everything was planned in details: show presenters Olga Kolosova and Georgy Rumyantsev captured everyone's attention inviting the guests to historical excursion, award path and demonstration show on tatami.

Yamawaki Shihan congratulated members of SFA and handed 5 Dan Certificate to Yuri Misaylov, SFA Chairman, who is the founder of aiki movement in Sakhalin.

In the turn Yuri Misaylov told the guests about two other persons in the celebration hall who were together with him at the beginning of the way to the world of aikido. They are Em Dyu Sa and Viktor Misaylov. Yuri Misaylov's speech caused long applause. 25 years ago they were beginner enthusiasts and now - a team of qualified professionals. These three persons together with their tem of instructors involved into aiki world a lot of people from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

High technical level of young aikidokas was proved out by various demonstrations within the anniversary - there were serious technical demonstrations as well as staged ones.

In conclusion show presenters invited the guests to gather after another five years to celebrate the 30-th anniversary of SFA. Guests of the event, colleagues and friends came from other cities of the Far East Region said a lot of good and kind words to the heroes of the occasion and cheerfully accepted the invitation.

To make the next anniversary happen Yuri and Viktor Misaylov together with the team of instructors and members of SFA continue their routine, day to day training work. SFA team is in process of intensive preparation to practice & training trip to Tokyo in October 2018 to attend the classes given by Kobayashi Yasuo So Shihan and other teachers.

Good luck!




Far East Aiki Congress became traditional event for aikidokas from Khabarovsk, Sakhalin, Komsomolsk on Amur, Blagoveschensk and Vladivostok. Annually, during New Year holidays Khabarovsk Regional Aikido Federation hosts participants of the Congress in their dojo.

This year the dates of event were January 04 - 07, Congress consisted of 13 practical classes for children and adults led by Valery Bastrakov (4 dan, Khabarovsk), Michail Gorshkov (4 dan, Blagoveschensk), Yuri Misaylov (4 dan, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk), Alexei Rezepov (4 dan, Komsomolsk on Amur), Viktor Misaylov (3 dan, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk), Sergey Pristavkin (2 dan, Khabarovsk), Evgeny Zotin (3 dan, Vladivostok).

Congress during three days gave participants an opportunity to practice basic aikido techniques at classes given by aiki instructors of various styles: aikikai, iwama, sin-sin toitsu.

The participants could look at technical actions, they used to do in their routine practice, from diferent point of view.




In the capital of the Sakhalin region, solemn events dedicated to the 135th anniversary of the regional center were launched.

This year, given the grandness of the date, birthday decided to celebrate two days.

In addition to invited guests, the city's creative teams, as well as pupils of regional, municipal sports schools and federations, came to congratulate their beloved city.

Pupils of the Sakhalin Aikido Federation did not become an exception.



Spring is traditional season for Sakhalin Aikido Federation to conduct practical sessions and seminars. So, VIII International Seminar led by Yamawaki Hisashi sensei from Aikido Kobayashi Dojo, 6 Dan Aikido Aikikai, was conducted in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk within May 25-28, 2017.

The structure of the event can be divided into two parts: the practical one and the promotion tests.
Yamawaki sensei emphasized attention on basic elements of aikido during practical classes. Deep understanding and permanent practice of the basic elements and techniques are the key factors for each and every aikidoka to improve one's skills and technical level.

This year Yamawaki sensei allowed members of Sakhalin Aikido Federation to attend Dan Promotion Test procedure. So we could support our examinees.

Practical session of this year was dynamic, well organized and positive, same as previous ones.

Members of Sakhalin Aikido Federation sincerely thanks Yamawai sensei for the classes and keep practicing with due energy and patience looking forward his next visit.



On April 28 and 30 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk hosted International Aikido Practical Session held by Fabrice Groize, Le Circle Tissier instructor, 5 dan Aikido Aikikai.

The event arranged by Sakhalin Aikido Federation with support of Sakhalin Trade Chamber gathered Sakhalin aikidokas and representatives of aikido federations from Khabarovsk.

Despite the short schedule of the session Fabrice Groize as professional instructor could cover all significant aspects of aikido practice. First of all he paid special attention to basic techniques, especially for young aikidokas.

Other several hours of the session were devoted to practice with traditional Japanese weapon - sword (aikido practice uses wooden practical sword known as bokken).

The top point of the session was special practice with knife. Fabrice Groize consequently showed the most important techniques starting from the basic ones and following to application ones that used in military and police service.

Fabrice Groize visits Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to hold aikido practical sessions for the second time. This session is another step in Far East aikidokas' practice and preparation to the 8th International Session "Aikido Kobayashi Dojo" to be hold in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in late May.



In the period from 15 to 25 February in Sapporo (Japan) will host an international training camp on Kenjutsu and Iaido. This event is aimed at preparing for certification on masterful degrees dan.

Sakhalin aikido federation in these training camp will present - Chairman, head coach Yuri Misaylov and instructor Em Du Sa.



Traditionally, for the past 8 years, the Dojo of Aikido Aikikai Federation Khabarovsk Krai opens its doors to aikidoists Far East.

Each January, during the Christmas holidays, amateurs and professionals aikido, adults and children from Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Blagoveshchensk, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk participate in the Far East Congress of aikido.

This year's congress was held in the period from 06 to January 8.

Over the three days more than 100 participants of the congress were able to take part in 12 training sessions led by: Valery Bastrakov (4 dan, Khabarovsk), Mikhail Gorshkov (4 dan, Blagoveshchensk), Yury Misaylov (4 dan, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk), Alexey Rezepov (4 dan, Komsomolsk-on-Amur), Pavel Pastukhov (3 dan, Khabarovsk), Victor Misaylov (3 dan, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk), Sergey Pristavkin (2nd dan, Khabarovsk).

The participants of the congress were able to share their theoretical knowledge in a heated debate between the practical exercises.



Fabrice Goize, instructor from French aiki school Circle Tissier (5 dan aikido aikikai) visited Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on March 11 and 12, 2016.

French instructor was invited by Sakhalin Aikido Federation to lead training session.

This session gathered also instructors and teachers from Far East Region - Khabarovsk Aikido Federation, Khabarovsk Traditional Aikido Federaion (Iwama Ryu), Kokoro Dojo Aiki Club from Solnechny, Tensin Aiki Club from Komsomolsk on Amur.

Fabrice Groize gave 6 classes for islanders and guests of the session; 2 of these classes were with the use of wooden weapon. During the weapon classes he showed outstanding technique of working with sword in Kashima Shin Ryu Kenjutsu style and phenomenal speed of basic aikido techniques.

Sensei highly appreciated organization of the event and warm welcome. He also pointed out young age of some participants and their desire to learn more and dive into process of practice.

The result of this session was in achievement of agreement to arrange such training session in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on annual basis.



February 11, 2016 became the start date of international training session for 11 students of Sakhalin Aikido Federation. The session took place in Tokyo, Japan.

The schedule of session provided opportunity to cover month limit of training classes in 8 days.

The classes took place in Hombu Dojo led by Doshu and Waka Sensei, Tokorozawa Dojo led by Hiroaki Kobayashi Shihan and Kodaira Dojo led by Yasuo Kobayashi So-Shihan.

Good working atmosphere in Hombu Dojo and Kobayashi Dojo had positive impact on Sakhalin students. The dojos represent example of discipline and stronghold of order established once and forever.

Sakhaliners could make friends with Japanese tatami mates. By the end of session some of them missed home, some got tired... But nobody left the session without individual unique experience. Somebody became stronger, enduring; somebody improved their technical level, somebody could relax their mind and adequately accept partner's action. And all together realized the depth of aikido philosophy, harmony and peaceful culture of this art.

Cultural program of being in Tokyo included visiting of the following sights: Meiji Temple, Shinjuku Park, Shinjuku Observation Site (150 meters above the ground).

The session is integral part of preparation to international seminars taking place on annual basis. This year these seminars are going to take place twice in March and May.

Let's remind that Fabrice Groize (5th dan, France, trained by Christian Tissier) will visit Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in March 2016.

And May will be the time for seminar under leadership of Hiroaki Kobayashi Shihan (7th dan Tokyo).



In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk with the period from May 21 to 25 held the 6th International seminar Aikido Kobayashi Dojo.

For seminar administration of Sakhalin Aikido Federation invites instructors from Japan.
This time the seminar was directed by Yamawaki Hisashi sensei (5th Dan, Aikido Kobayashi Dojo, Tokyo).

The event was attended not only aikidoists from Sakhalin, but also guests from Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Khabarovsk.


Within five days aikidoists adopted the experience of the Japanese masters.

The outcome of the seminar was international certification, which took place 35 people. Five of them have demonstrated full compliance with the standards and certification program for Dan degree - black belt. It should be noted that for this level of skill guys were more than one year.
On the eve of May they were able to pass the certification of a serious test of skills in an international stage under the direction of Christian Tessier sensei (7th dan Aikikai, Shihan) in France.


The seminar, held in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, in turn became one of the stages of preparation for the International stage, which will be held next autumn in Tokyo.



April, may be, is the best time for trip to Paris. At least spring time shows the most exciting and most romantic one has ever heard about capital of France.

Apple and cherry trees are in flowers in April, narcissuses look out from grass. Spring here is exciting and even air seems to turn head of tourists. Even Parisians are in festive mood.

May be this is the reason why Paris annually in April hosts hundreds of people devoted themselves to aikido, amateurs and professionals.

Just think, one of Venceness gyms gathered over 300 aikidokas from many countries. They gathered at Easter Aikido Seminar lead by well known Christian Tissier (7 dan, shihan).

Russia (and Sakhalin) was represented by five members of Sakhalin Aikido Federation; instructors Victor Misaylov and Vitaliy Korzh, together with their students Alexander Severov, Olga Sekriyan and Sergey Sosnovskiy.

Participants of seminar spent Easter week in aikido practice gripping various features of technical moments from masters - honorable Bruno Gonzalez, Pascal Guilleman lead by Christian Tissier.

What is it to participate in seminar like this? It is practice on tatami three - four times a day, exhausting practice with sword in ken-justsu Kashima Shinryu style trying to absorb the skills and knowledge from instructors. Their teaching skills together with aikido skills really excite.

Seminar passed in one breath. The result is a lot of material for practicing in our dojo. Administration of Sakhalin Aikido Federation made decision that instructors should take part in such seminars hold by French masters on regular basis to improve their skills and teaching approach.

Paris is ideal city for enamored people after all, creating the atmosphere as if entire world is created for them. Completely agree Paris is ideal city for enamored people... aikido enamored people.



Training trips to Japan became regular for members of Sakhalin Aikido Federation. Traditionally they visit Japan in February for a period of about two weeks filled by practical classes and cultural events.

In this year the training trip started on Feb. 10. Sakhalin aikidoists had ten days filled with a month workload. They practiced under the leadership of world class teachers; such as Doshu - Moriteru Ueshiba, Waka-sensei - Mitsuteru Ueshiba, Kobayashi So-shihan, Hiroaki shihan, Yamawaki sensei, Sugawara shihan, Osawa shihan.

Usual training day of Sakhalin aikidoists was as follows: 5-00 AM wake up, first practical class at 06-30 AM under coach of Doshu or His son - Waka sensei. Practical class in Hombu Dojo is one hour. Approximately at 8-00 AM aikidoists had breakfast, then spare time before lunch. After lunch - preparation to evening class in Kobayashi Dojo.


Tokyo is the biggest city in the world, sized as London and New York put together and therefore it took quite long time to get from one point to another. Sakhaliners were getting back from evening class about midnight. And then new day, 5-00 AM, wake up and everything again...

Good work atmosphere in Hombu and Kobayashi Dojos had positive impact on the aikidoists. Hombu Dojo, the headquarter of aikido is example of discipline, the stronghold of the order established once and forever. Partners do not change each other within the class. Safety requirements lead to performance of aikido techniques without high level breakfalls, i.e. there is no "flights" in Hombu Dojo.


Kobayashi Dojo is emotional addition to Hombu Dojo. This dojo has more home and family like atmosphere, less restricted; classes are conducted in inspiration wave, with smile and jokes sometimes.

In the result guys saw two sides of one join activity that adds one another. Such composition made positive impact on the participants, gave them the width of view, responsible and attentive attitude to Aikido practice.

Tight schedule of practice required good recovery and meals and sakhaliners were happy to find various cafes offering good and nutrient food at quite keen prices.

Cultural program was included into trip as well. The aikidoists had sightseeing walk and visited Meiji Shrine, Shinjuku Park, Shinjuku Observation Area (located at 150 m above the ground) and other.

Sakhaliners made friends with Japanese dojo-mates and exchange contacts. Some guys started missing home, some got already tired, but no one left Japan without unique experience. Some of them became stronger, some - more everlasting, some advanced their speed and technical level, some learned to relax and adequate reaction on partner's technique. All together felt the depth of Aikido philosophy, its harmony and peaceful culture.

The training trips are integrated part of preparation to international attestation for kyu and dan promotion as well as to international seminar that will summarize the results of 2014/2015 training year for students of Sakhalin Aikido Federation.



Second annual weekend of January collect in Khabarovsk aikidoists of the Far Eastern Federal District Aikido marathon and Children's Forum Aikido.

2015 just is not an exception to the Sakhalin aikidoists because of the heavy Snowstorm.

However, the mood of Sakhalin aikidoists to take part in the marathon and the forum, as well as a slight improvement in weather conditions have enabled them to fly to Khabarovsk, albeit with a 12 hour delay.

The forum was attended by representatives of schools Aikido from Khabarovsk, Blagoveshchensk, Vladivostok, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, as well as schools Iwama-ryu and Daito Ryu from Khabarovsk.

The total number of participants exceeded 120 people who participated in 10 training sessions for 2.5 days of training.



Valery Bastrakov (4th dan Aikido Aikikai) - the head of Aikido Federation of Khabarovsk had visited Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk by the invitation of the Sakhalin Aikido Federation on November 21st 2014.

During three days Valery Bastrakov led 4 training sessions for Sakhalin aikidoists on which he paid great attention to the basic components of aikido techniques.

A return visit instructors Sakhalin Aikido Federation to Khabarovsk is planning in January, 2015.



The International aikido seminar dedicated to the 45th anniversary of Aikido Kobayashi Dojo was held in the central Budokan in Kyoto on Saturday.

The event was attended aikidoists from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Korea, Macau, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, UK, USA, Sweden, France, Japan and Russia. The number of participants exceeded 500 people.

The culmination of the seminar were the international demonstrations - embukay, in which representatives of each country.

Russia was represented by the head of the Sakhalin Aikido Federation Misaylov Yuri and instructor organization Misaylov Victor.

After the demonstrations of the solemn part of the event representatives of all countries were awarded founder Koboyashi dojo - Yasuo so-shihan gifts and souvenirs. Sakhalin aikidoists no exception, with the handing-shihan commemorative sculpture handmade with his image.



26 September 2014. in the regional center within the "Sport of Sakhalin and the Kurils against drugs" was a traditional festival of martial arts.

The festival was attended by representatives of schools judo and sambo, MMA mixed martial arts, kickboxing and Thai boxing, taekwondo.

The Art of Aikido showed young pupils Sakhalin Aikido Federation, demonstrating how the basic techniques of martial arts, as well as elements of the application of self-defense.



Young aikidokas Sakhalin Aikido Federation congratulated the residents and visitors from 132 anniversary of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and demonstrated the art of aikido in the main street.



Traditional Aikido Sakhalin Sapporo summer camp had been held in the period from 03 to 14 July 2014.
Sapporo (Japan) had been chosen as the place of event. 20 young aikidokas at age from 8 to 15 years took part in the camp this year.

The organizers of the camp were Sakhalin Aikido Federation (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk) and Hassamu dojo (Sapporo).

Program camp session, in addition to daily training sessions in aikido, included a large number of cultural events.

A little workout.
Trainings were organized and conducted as a Japanese instructor personnel and instructors from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Under the guidance of Sakashita Kaoru sensei Sakhalin aikidoists comprehend the nuances of basic aikido techniques - Kihon Waza.

Trainings by Sakhalin instructors were directed not only at the technical aspect of Aikido, but also on the special physical training young aikidokas.

Much attention was paid to education in the classroom speed, coordination abilities of the children and their special endurance.

There were 9 group excursions, in which the children were able to learn more not only about Aikido and Japan, but also about the world.

The excursion program includes visits to the historic village of samurai "Noboribetsu Jidai mura" aqua park "Marine park Nixe", the historical village of Hokkaido, Maruyama Zoo, Museum of Science and Technology for Children, winter sports museum on Mount Okurayama, Sapporo City Aquarium, the largest Templar complex in Hokkaido "Hokkaido Jingu" and chocolate museum "Sapporo factory."



In the period from 22 to 26 May 2014 in the regional center held Fifth International Aikido Seminar
Aikido Kobayashi Dojo in Sakhalin.

The seminar was held under the guidance of Yamawaki Hisashi sensei.
The seminar was attended by over 110 people from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Korsakov, Khabarovsk, Komsomolsk-on- Amur.

During the seminar, Yamawaki sensei spent 8 general aikido class and 2 special classes for children.
The culmination of the seminar was on the certification of a yudanshya degree "Dan", which was attended by 6 people.

Yamawaki sensei praised the organization of the seminar, said a good level of training aikidoists.
He also invited to make a return visit to Sakhalin to Japan.



MAY 2014

Traditionally, the month of May is the month of certification in the Sakhalin Aikido Federation.
This May was no exception. 20 Sakhalin aikidoists improve their technical skills, passing certification on student "kyu" degree.



Ten days of winter - from 5 to 15 February - 20 pupils of Sakhalin aikido federation held in Tokyo. Trip organized by the instructors of federation, held in the framework of targeted training for the upcoming examination aikidoists on black belts (1-4 dans).

Curriculum included daily hours of training in Hombu Dojo - it took classes with the participation Doshu, Waka sensei, Kanazawa shihan, Osawa shihan, Irie shihan and have been very productive. In addition, the group was able to work out again in Kobayashi Dojo. At this time, Kobayashi so-shihan and Hiroaki shihan held a special intensive aikido class for advanced level aikidoists and explains the complex techniques in a variety of their nuances.

In confirmation - review of one of the band: "Our group was able to attend classes in the Kobayashi Dojo. All of them were excellent: warm atmosphere, emotion, positive attitude to work. I especially want to highlight the special training, which was conducted with Yasuo Kobayashi so-shihan especially for Sakhalin aikidoists.Outside the window, snow storm, and in the dojo training - what could be better?




2014 was a year of starting a new business - the First Far Eastern Aikido children's forum, which was held in Khabarovsk in the period from January 9 to 11.

Organizers - chairman of the Sakhalin Aikido Federation Yury Misaylov and president of the Khabarovsk Aikido Federation Valery Bastrakov - told: "Organizing the First Far East Childrens Aikido Forum, we look primarily to the consolidation - that is, the unity of our instructors and students, to unite our strength, knowledge and experience. We strive to go beyond the narrow geographic scope, we want to share and learn from each other all the true, accurate, useful, it gives people aikido. This also applies to performance techniques, and the spirit and philosophy of the art, and, of course, teaching methods. In order to raise a shift, not enough to be a good athlete - you must be a competent instructor".

Both goals were achieved.
The forum was attended by over 80 young aikidoka from Khabarovsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Blagoveshchensk, Vladivostok, Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

Within two days of training children participated in eight sessions, each of which was conducted by instructors from different cities, which allowed to exchange experience not only the participants but also the Instructors.

Upon completion of the event, all participants were presented with commemorative gifts and souvenirs.



In the period from 3 to 7 January under the leadership of Victor Misaylov and Sergey Konstantinov were organized training camps called "Aikido Christmas stage".

For 4 days aikidokas participated in 10 training sessions devoted to the Implementation of the basic techniques of aikido.

The stage at preparing for the upcoming Sakhalin aikidokas certification in January, as well as international collections, which will be held in February at the Hombu Dojo (Tokyo, Japan).


The 5th Regional Martial Arts Festival

December 21, 2013. in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk sports complex "Olympia Park" was held on the 5th Regional Martial Arts Festival.

The festival with demonstration performances made by the representatives of federations karate, taekwondo, kudo, boxing, pankration, MMA.

Sakhalin aikido federation students demonstrated at the festival as basic and advanced techniques of aikido.


Aikido - the art, to comprehend that you can devote a lifetime. And anyone who engages in it, trying to gain knowledge from the great masters, going to distant lands where in the dojo hones their skills.

Sakhalin aikidoists are no exception.

In the period from 12 to 24 November 2013 instructors of Sakhalin aikido federation represented by Korzh Vitaly, Konstantinov Sergey and Misaylov Victor take a part in international courses, under the leadership by professor of aikido, founder of the European school «Le Cercle Ch.Tissier» Christian Tessier (7 dan aikido aikikai).

The courses were held in the suburbs of Paris – in town Vincennes for 10 days. During this time, the Sakhalin aikidoists take a part in 28 training sessions under the leadership by Bruno Gonzalez, Pascal Guillemin and Fabrice Groize in the "non-stop" mode, which increased their level of technical skill and physical condition.

When the course is finished, Sakhalin aikidoists was invited to training courses in 2014.


Students of the International School "ZIMA" took part in the open class in aikido, organized by the Instructors of Sakhalin Aikido Federation and their pupils.

The lesson took place in three sections: a video presentation and hands-on and demonstrations, during which kids can learn more about the art of Aikido and methods of teaching it.


15th anniversary of the Amur Aikido Federation

Instructors of Sakhalin Aikido Federation Victor Misaylov and Sergey Konstantinov attended the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the founding of the Amur Aikido Federation, in the Blagoveshchensk city .

As a sign of appreciation and respect for regional management of sports organizations "Amurkan Aikido", they made a demonstration performances on the main stage of the city.



The students of the Sakhalin Aikido Federation congratulated the residents and visitors of the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk from 131 anniversary of its foundation.

September 14, they made a demonstration performances on one of the sports fields where demonstrated arsenal of both basic and applied techniques of Aikido.




From 3rd to 27th of June 2013 the leadership of the Sakhalin Aikido Federation was organized for children and teenagers, Aikido Summer Camp 2013.

33 aikidoists in age from 6 to 15 years were the participants.

The grand opening of the camp was held on June 3, where the children greeted instructors Misaylov Victor and Sergey Konstantinov and their assistants Kabel’kov Dmitry and Shtelmashenko Victor.

During the camp was organized and carried out: 2 medical examination of anthropometric measurements of physical development of children; 33 aikido lessons; daily theoretical sessions on the topics: a healthy lifestyle, basic knowledge of nutrition, martial arts of Japan, physical exercise and its impact on the body; 2-day group sending children to Aniva coast, sandy beach; 5 group trips to theaters of the city; competition in physical training.

At the closing ceremony of the instructors noted that all planned activities have been carried out, problems are solved, and the goal is achieved. There were also announced plans for the future.

All camp participants were awarded with sweet gifts, stationery sets, as well as special gifts: Aikido training videos, the book "Aikido in Sakhalin: yesterday, today and tomorrow."

For the great success achieved during camp, Tarazanov Egor and Mikhaylov Vadim were awarded with special gifts.



May 19, held a grand commemorative event dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Aikido in the Sakhalin region. In the hall of the Korean cultural center gathered everyone who loves and appreciates aikido, who wanted to express my gratitude to the main "hero of the occasion" - Yury Misaylov, who stood at the cradle of this art in Sakhalin, and his faithful team.

Organization and leadership festive program took the coach of Aikido Victor Misaylov and Sergey Konstantinov. What is happening on the stage was so carefully thought out and prepared, the two-hour program flew like a flash, capturing the attention of all present.

Organically joined the celebration presentation outline, made up of historic and contemporary photographs and video of aikido. Under the soft music is one of the finest leading holiday Olga Dubovik told how it all started and where it is. And it's very moving to see the screen very young children - especially when they are already grown substantially, rising to the stage to demonstrate the advanced techniques of aikido, which they learned from their mentors.

By the way, the authors of all the productions were also coaches aikido. It was clearly seen that all the children and their teachers are in one chorus of the creative fraternity - the spirit of love and harmony inherent in the art of aikido, vital in the room, creating an atmosphere of joy.

The audience was pleasantly surprised to see that the knowledge of aikido and people find themselves, revealing a very special talent. A great performance of "Black Belt" Dmitry Alipchenkov a rap-song, which has gone in the entire history of the federation, spectacular dancing and sports production, performed by Yuliya Makeyeva (repeatedly won championships in ballroom dancing), Dmitry Kabelkov, Andrey Yaushev and Dmitry Alipchenkov showed that "talented people are talented in everything."

The speakers, of course, not only the students of the organization, but also representatives of various creative directions - and ballroom dancing and break dancing and gymnastics - Hall warmly received them.

Was felt that the holiday was literally filled with a sense of gratitude.

Were handed over, a lot of awards - all active community members, sponsors, people in every way helped in the development of aikido in Sakhalin. The organizers have not forgotten a single man. And what were the rewards! Aikido handmade figures - real works of art, one-of-a-kind.

In conclusion, I want to give startling facts reported by the stage Victor Misaylov. It turns out that over the years through the halls of aikido in Sakhalin were 1,253 people. In addition, on the basis of aikido successfully formed and not only friends, but real family relations - already had a full four family aikidoists. Soon, the halls will be trained not only to fathers and children, but grandparents and grandchildren - and this is a real continuity, which means that Aikido Federation will live long.

We warmly congratulate the heroes of the day with the 20th anniversary and the organizers hope to take advantage of an invitation to meet again - this time at the 25th anniversary celebration on Sakhalin aikido!



The fourth International seminar Aikido Kobayashi Dojo was held in the regional capital during the period from 16 to 20 May 2013 under the leadership of Yamawaki Hisashi sensei (5th dan).

The seminar was attended by both Sakhalin aikidoists and representatives of aikido from Khabarovsk, Blagoveshchensk, Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

The total number of participants exceeded 120 people.

During the 4 days of the seminar Yamawaki Sensei spent 6 training sessions, in which the Sakhalin aikidoists more depth could approach the study of the basic elements of aikido techniques.
It was also organized and conducted a separate class for children.


The final point of the seminar was the certification of the participants in the student's degree kyu and dan.

According to the results of certification 67 people have successfully increased the level of their technical skills.

4 pupil federation raised their technical level, having passed certification on the dan degree:
Sergey Konstantinov - Sandan (3rd dan), Eugeniy Shtelmashenko - Shodan (1st dan), Vitaly Korzh - Shodan (1st dan), Zayants Anton - Shodan (1st dan).



February 9, 2013 in the Sakhalin aikido federation was open lesson in children's groups. There were more than 60 children.

Door of dojo were open to everyone: parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, who were able to look at the success of small aikidokas.

The lesson was led by Sergey Konstantinov - instructor of the federation (2nd dan aikido).

This lesson is a planned event. According to the results of several open classes will be formed a group that will participate in the training sessions of aikido in June.


Members of Sakhalin aikido federation congratulate their leader, Yury A. Misaylov with successful delivery of certification for a second dan in Iaido in Japan on February 2-3, 2013.



This past weekend (19-20.01.2013) the young aikidokas got a gift from the printing company of "ICON" a series of photographs - portraits of six students and followers of the O-Sensei for to decorate the galleries of dojo.

The Art of Aikido throughout the world why it is called an art, which is not limited to the study and application of techniques or methods.

It's a whole culture, which is based on respect for the history, identity, and aesthetics.
Therefore, we always strive to ensure that not only engaged Aikidoists physical condition, but also introduced to the basics of Aikido deep from the very beginning in the dojo.

For Evgeny V. Shtelmashenko, director of "ICON" company, this event has a personal meaning: he and his two sons are studying aikido with trainers of Sakhalin aikido federation, and the gift was an expression of sincere gratitude to the management of the federation.

In turn, thanks to the company "ICON" and look forward to continuing to partner together.



IV Far-East aiki marathon was held in Khabarovsk last weekend.

More than 100 aikidoists from Khabarovsk, Blagoveshchensk, Vladivostok, Komsomolsk-on-Amur and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk had taken part at those meeting.

Regional public organization "Sakhalin Aikido Federation" was represented by its president Yuri Misaylov and instructor Sergey Konstantinov.

The main difference of IV Far-East aiki marathon from previous meetings was very intense schedule and also the participation of members of other styles of Aikido Iwama Ryu, Shin Shin Toitsu, Aiki Jujutsu.




On the 15th of December 2012 the 3rd Festival of martial arts had been holding at Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

The sportsmen of different kinds of sports (such as taekwondo, karate, judo, kendo, sambo, thai boxing) had taken part in those meeting.

Also the Sakhalin Aikido Federation had been invited to demonstrate aikido techniques. The young members of Sakhalin Aikido Federation had shown both of basic and self defence aikido techniques.




The capital of Japan – Tokyo had been visited by Sakhalin aikidoists to take part in the international aikido meeting in the period from 2nd till 16th of October.

During 14 days there were 21 aikido trainings under the leadership of Kobayashi so-shihan, Hiroaki sensei, Yamawaki sensei and Koyanagi shidoin. Also Hombu Dojo had been visited.

For several days Sakhalin aikidoists had been going to the Chiba area to take part in 47th annual Iwai camp to meet many aikidoists from different countries and to have aikido lessons with them. This year there were more than 130 people from 8 countries such as Japan, France, Russia, Belorussia, Korea, Algeria, Tunis, England.

Also during the trip Sakhalin aikidoists have had a possibility to practice aikido at the Tsumagoi dojo under the leadership by Yamawaki sensei.


But not only aikido lessons have seen Sakhalin aikidoists at Tokyo during being there.
The cultural program was also very extensive:
- The museum of bonsai “Saitama area”
- The Sebuya station – Hachiko memorial
- The Asama volcano (Kuraisawa area)
had been visited.

Sakhalin aikido members said that was a very interesting and cognitive trip.

08, 15.09. 2012


The great celebrations were held in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk at the beginning of September 2012 because of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk anniversary (130 years) and Sakhalin region anniversary (65 years).
There were many congratulations from different creative groups of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Sakhalin region.

Also there was a present from Sakhalin aikido Federation like the demonstration aikido techniques at the open air at the main squares of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.



Summer 2012 was special for 15 aikidoists from Sakhalin (aikido children group) because of aikido camp which had been organized at Sapporo from 18th to 30th of July 2012.

Not only aikido trainings under the leadership of Sakashita Kaoru sensei, Victor Misaylov, Sergey Konstantinov were holding for children during that period but also the aikido examination and many interesting excursions such as Maruyama Zoo, Historical Village of Hokkaido, marine park “Nixe”, Okurayama Ski jump and many others.

There were 3 birthdays during the trip which had been celebrated at the favorite cafe.

The Administration of Sakhalin aikido Federation wants to thank for help in organizing and leading Aikido Summer camp 2012:
- Sakashita Kaoru sensei (the chief-instructor aikido Hassamu Dojo, Sapporo);
- Hiroyaki Sato (the director of “Sanden hotel”, Sapporo);
- Evgeny Shtelmashenko (the director of printing-office “Icon”);
- the leader and the group of “Continent +” tourist company.




Last weekend there was holding the The 3rd International seminar Aikido Kobayashi Dojo on Sakhalin under the leadership of Hiroaki Kobayashi sensei (6 dan, Tokyo) and Sakashita Kaoru sensei (6 dan, Sapporo).

More than 70 aikidoists from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Far East region had taken part in those meeting.

During 7 aikido trainings many techniques with traditional Japanese weapons boken and jo were demonstrated.

This aikido seminar had a little difference from previous because of coming several pupils of Hiroaki sensei (Hiromi Matsuoka, Muraki Chie).

Also mother of Muraki Chie had come to Sakhalin.

She was repatriated more than 60 years ago from Sakhalin to Japan, when she was a little child.

Her native town Tomari (west coast of Sakhalin) she and her daughter had visited with instructors of Sakhalin aikido federation. There were much memories that day. The Muraki Emiko was happy.

The administration of Sakhalin aikido federation hope everybody who had taken part in this seminar will remember it and keep in the heart only warm impressions.



It was the success without any doubt.

The meeting had been preparing for a long time and finally the place had been chosen - the Solnechniy town of Khabarovsk region.

The organizators – Sakhalin aikido federation instructors said the main purpose of those meeting was sharing, during 2 days, the self-made methods of teaching aikido techniques.

There had been 60 aikidoists from Sakhalin, Khabarovsk, Blagoveshchensk, Vladivostok.
Sakashita sensei said he glad to be the guest of that meeting. It was a great pleasure for him to watch all the people had been trying to understand aikido techniques.

Such a great meeting as First Far East Aikido Kobayashi Dojo congress – 2012 will leave a huge impression at hearts and minds people had been there.

Administration of Sakhalin aikido federation want to thank Sakashita Kaoru sensei for understanding and having patience. Hope he had been enjoying the trip.

Now the congress has finished and the instructors have a free time to think about international meeting in the future.




On winter holidays there was a home task to little aikidoists: to create an article to the following competitions: The St. Valentine’s Day, The symbol of New 2012 Year.

2 weeks later, on the 18th of February the children have brought their articles.
The judges during almost one hour had been choosing the winners.

Finally all the winners have received the presents.
The parents of young aikidoists and the guests of that mini hand-made exhibition have received a great pleasure looking at the children’s creation.



JAPAN 2012

The aiki-trip to Japan was organized by the instructors of Sakhalin aikido federation Yury Misaylov, Vitaly Korzh, Victor Misaylov, Sergey Konstantinov and the instructor of aikido club “Kokoro” Alexey Rezepov.

There were 14 days to have aikido practice at such cities like Sapporo and Tokyo.

During 6 days being at Tokyo there were 17 aikido trainings at Homby Dojo (Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba, Yokota shihan, Yasuno shihan) and Kobayashi Dojo (Kobayashi so-shihan, Hiroaki sensei, Yamawaki sensei).

There was an international aiki-meeting because of aikido guests from Japan, England, USA, France, Argentine, Turkey, Peru.

Sapporo aikido trainings were held at the Hassamu Dojo under the leadership of Sakashita Kaoru sensei.

But not only to reach the aikido practice was the purpose of that trip.
Also the attestation on the shodan Iaido Yury Misaylov.



There was the 3rd Far East Aikido marathon holding at Khabarovsk last holidays (13th-15th of January).
Many aikidoists from different Far East cities (Khabarovsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Vladivostok, Blagoveschensk, Solnechny) have taken part in that meeting. Members of Sakhalin aikido federation also had been there.

There was a great possibility to practice aikido with the friends and to watch other methods of teaching aikido.
The representatives of Sakhalin aikido federation were holding the opening and closing 3rd Far East Aikido marathon. It was a great honour.



Dear friends!

We are happy to congratulate you and your family with the New 2012 Year.

We wish you a lot of happiness in the coming year.

And let it be brighter than previous 2011.

Please let your thoughts be positive.

We wish all your dreams come true.

Best regards,
members of SIAF


The leader of Sakhalin Aikido Federation Yuri Misaylov has been taking the kyu examination at the aiki-club “Kokoro” at the Solnechny town (Khabarovsk Region) from 13 to 16 of October.

Back to Sakhalin the leader of Sakhalin Aikido Federation Yuri Misaylov has come with the leader of aiki-club “Kokoro” Alexey Rezepov.

During 3 days he was practicing aikido and reaching the methods of teaching aikido to children by Sakhalin Aikido Federation instructors.


The life of Sakhalin Aikido Federation is not only the good news.

The time for sad news has come: the mother of the president of Sakhalin aikido Federation has died. She was 85.

Sakhalin Aikido Federation members are sharing that sorrow.



On the 20th of September there was opening the National Japanese exhibition of martial arts at Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. It takes place at the main room of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Museum of Arts.

One of the main parts of the ceremony took the Sakhalin aikido federation members with the demonstration of aikido and iaido techniques.




Exactly one and a half year ago there was an event which had shocked everybody: the president of Sakhalin aikido federation Yuri Misaylov (the rescue is his job) had saved human life from the death.
We had written about that when were celebrating his second date of birth.

Almost two years later Yuri Misaylov had been rewarded with medal “For saving people being losted”.
The President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has signed that edict on the 10th of August 2011.



On the 11th of September there was the birthday of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk the capital of Sakhalin region.

It was founded 129 years ago. Sakhalin aikido federation has congratulated Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk with the demonstration of aikido techniques at one of the famous squares of the city.



The beginning of the new academic year.
The new academic year at Sakhalin aikido federation begun on 1st of September as at schools in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

But not at the traditional style: the trainings has visited the guest from Holland – Evert Rog – the owner of the 1st dan aikido aikikai.

He has visited aikido lessons and marked the high speed of the trainings and the desire of Sakhalin aikidoists to practice aikido.



The beginning of August 2011 for members of Sakhalin Aikido Federation was marked not only very hot weather but also by arriving Nikaido sensei – the main secretary of Hokkaido Aikido Aikikai Association and the owner of black belt (the 4th dan) of Aikido Aikikai.

His last visiting Sakhalin island was seven years ago. Many things now go another way.
But the warm friendly relationships with the leader of Sakhalin Aikido Federation Yuri Misaylov and with the members of Sakhalin Aikido Federation go the same way.

During the 5 days being on Sakhalin Nikaido sensei had visited many places of interest.
He had been sharing his impressions with the members of Sakhalin Aikido Federation on morning and evening aikido trainings which had been lead by him and the leader of Sakhalin Aikido Federation Yuri Misaylov.
To share their experience of teaching aikido – that was the main purpose of those trainings.

The administration of Sakhalin Aikido Federation wants to thank Nikaido sensei he could find the free time and visit Sakhalin.



For the 2 years running the representatives of Aikido Kobayashi Dojo are coming to Sakhalin to share their aikido experience and to take the exams for dan level.

This year Sakhalin aikido federation was glade to meet Yamawaki Hisashi sensei (5 dan aikido aikikai, Tokyo) and Sakashita Kaoru sensei (6 dan aikido aikikai, Sapporo).

More than 100 people took part at the seminar. During the 7 training there was explaining the base techniques and also working with ken and jo.

Let us congratulate Em Dyu Sa and Kuklev Alexander with the successful passing the exams for dan level.

The seminars ended with the invitation from Japanese masters to visit Tsumagoe camp and Iwai camp in this year.


ONLY 55 ???

The 3rd of May was marked for the members of Sakhalin aikido federation by the anniversary celebrations.
The founder, leader and the main coach of Sakhalin aikido federation was 55.
There were many congratulations. Special guests were the official of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk administration Konstantin Kozlov and the director of the sport school where aikido dojo of Sakhalin aikido federation is situated Vasily Glazkov.

The official of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk administration Konstantin Kozlov has come to present honorary letter from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk administration for aikido development in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.
The director of the sport school Vasily Glazkov presented the souvenir with the engraving.
The person whose anniversary was celebrated had been staggered by the presents: the instructors had presented him the Japanese sword – katana and the exclusive statuette (hand-made).
The original present was from children: they had ordered a big cake with the photo of Yuri Misaylov at the top.
We want to congratulate him one more time.
Let your dreams come true.


The previous Sakhalin aikido Federation news was telling about the Aiki-marathon 2011 which had been held at Solnechny town in January and left warm memories in the hearts of all aikidoists of Far East Russian Region.

Not so long ago (from 24 to 27 of February, 2011) everybody who wanted to practice aikido more have met one more time at the same place.

Aikidoists from Komsomolsk-on-Amur and Khabarovsk came to meet each other. Special guests were the president of Sakhalin aikido Federation Yuri Misaylov and chief-instructors Victor Misaylov and Sergey Konstantinov. Also that meeting visited aikidoists from Korsakov (Sakhalin) Vitaly Korzh and Anthon Zayants.

Everybody practiced aikido together at the warm friendly atmosphere.

In the end of the seminar the names of aikidoists who will pass the exam at September 2011 were declared.



Valery Bastrakov (4th dan Aikido Aikikai) has visited Sakhalin from 17 till 20 of February 2011.
He has held several aikido trainings at the Sakhalin aikido Federation with the adult people.

His special interest was called out by the methods of training children groups at Sakhalin aikido Federation. He could see another system of working with children.

We hope he will put into practice something he has seen during those 3 days being on Sakhalin.



The second Aiki-marathon was held at Solnechny town near the Komsomolsk-on-Amur city.

The instructors from different cities of Far East Region of Russia came to meet each other and to share their experience at methods how to teach Aikido adult people and children.

About one hundred people including children from 6 years old have taken part in that measure.

Even the strongest frost of Russian winter couldn’t prevent from leading Far East Aiki-marathon.

The next meeting such a large scale is planning to lead in Sakhalin Region in 2012.



The attestation on 10th-6th kyu for children has been held at Sakhalin Aikido Federation on the threshold of the new 2011 year. More than 50 children took part in attestation.

The end of 2010 year for children aikido groups was marked by handing the certificates confirming their aikido techniques level and also the receiving sweet presents from Sakhalin Aikido Federation. For the adult members there was organized the party where the results of 2010 year and plans on 2011 year were discussed.

The New Year holidays at Sakhalin Aikido Federation will last till the 10th of January, 2011.



Sakhalin aikido federation is pleased to inform about opening anouther aikido dojo for study aikido (working with children only from the age of 6 till 14).

If you have any questions please call: 8-962-580-24-14

Shedule of lessons


The may, 2010 was marked for Sakhalin aikidoists by visiting Sakhalin island the aikido master Hiroaki Kobayashi sensei (6th dan aikido, Tokyo). The purpose of his visit was leading the International aikido seminar and attestation for kyu and dan extent.

When the seminar was over the instructors of Sakhalin aikido federation were invited at Tokyo on 45th International aikido seminar in Iwai.

Taking on opportunity the instructors of Sakhalin aikido federation (Em Dyu Sa, Andrey Rigasov, Victor Misaylov, Kha Chun Gen, Sergey Konstantinov) and also their assistants (Elena Chindina, Elisey Yudin) have visited Tokyo from 07-14.10.2010.

During that short period Sakhalin aikidoists had been taking part in aikido training under the leadership of Y. Kobayashi sensei (8 dan), H. Kobayashi sensei (6 dan), Koyonage sensei (5 dan), Kasahara sensei (5 dan), Matsuda sensei (5 dan) and others.

Also they had possibility practice aikido with aikidoists from different counters of the world such as Japan, England, France, Poland, Norway, China, Argentina etc.

Representatives from Russia at that seminar were only members of Sakhalin aikido federation.
As usual the leadership of Iwai camp paid attention to basic movements, work with jo and boken, and methods of teaching aikido techniques.

The culminations of visiting Tokyo to Sakhalin aikidoists was visiting Hombu Dojo – the cradle of aikido. Where the instructors of Sakhalin aikido federation could practice aikido from primary source – Moriteru Ueshiba – the grandson of founder aikido – Morihey Ueshiba.

The impressions about that practice is difficult to explain, so huge and wonderful they are.
At the same time the leader of Sakhalin aikido federation Yury Misaylov had been at Sapporo. There he had got a special aikido course after which he had passed the exam on 4th dan aikido aikikai. The examinators estimated high level and speed of aikido techniques of a middle-aged man.

The group of Sakhalin aikidoists at Tokyo after the seminar had received the official invitation from Y. Kobayashi sensei to visit Tokyo once again the next year.

The Sakhalin aikidoists who had been being at Tokyo want to thank Y. Kobayashi sensei, H. Kobayashi sensei, all the instructors of Kobayashi Dojo and everybody who practice aikido and met Sakhalin aikidoists at Tokyo. Hope to see them again.



The new academic year has been started for Sakhalin aikidoists with the ceremony of getting the certificates confirming their technique level.

The certificates were handed more than 80 aikidoists including Yury Kvak (1st dan) and Konstantinov Sergey (2nd dan).

Also children which had passed the exam on summer aikido seminar had received the certificates.
Hope that event helps Sakhalin aikidoists to get back to their usual condition after their summer holidays.



The international Aikido seminar had been led in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in the period from May, 26th to June, 1st under the leadership of Japanese aikido masters Hiroaki Kobayashi sensei (6th dan, Tokyo) and Sakashita Kaoru sensei (6th dan, Sapporo).

That measure had been organized and led by Yury Misaylov – the head of Sakhalin aikido federation.

There were over 130 aikidoists (from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Korsakov and Komsomolsk-on-Amur) who had been taking part at that seminar. During that period Japanese masters had led 8 aikido lessons including children class and special jo lesson.
The results of the seminar: 82 aikidoists had risen up their aikido techniques level by the examination on kyu degree; 2 aikidoists had carried out requirements for black belt level (1st and 2nd dan).




We want to tell you something but don’t know enough words to express everything we feel. Let us try.

What is winter fishing for Russian man? The answers are different: it may be a hobby, a possibility to bring fresh fish for dinner. Also it may be a play, game of chance. But such a game can become dangerous when spring comes and ice smelts. Than that is a risk: may fish be at the price of human life?

But nothing can stop fishermen. Every spring they go out on thin marine ice to catch fish. Every spring there is news at newspapers like: “Ice had been broken, a group of people was carrying off in the sea”. At such moments those people are waiting for rescuers asking God for help.

Ask yourself: if you know a person who has 2 birthdays per year? No? As for us, now we know.
He is Yury Misaylov – the leader of Sakhalin aikido federation, chief-instructor.
His job is to save people in difficult situations. He has been working at the rescue service over 8 years, had seen much.
But something that has happened that night on March,14 had been for the first time. We hope it won’t be repeated.

Sakhalin government ordered not to go out on ice that day. But people didn’t listen and had gone out on ice at the Terpeniya bay. Because of abrupt change of weather ice teared off and carried 7 kilometers away in the sea.

Rescuers reacted immediately and had driven at the place of tragedy. Rescue operation lasted at the awful conditions: the strength of the wind was over 30 meters per second, height of waves 3-5 meters. It was snowing.

That night 13 people were saved from ice that had been carrying them away from the seashore. At the 3:00 am on March,14 Yury Misaylov evacuated the last 5 fishermen who had been on ice. On the way back the wave (3 meters height) had covered them. Being in water people had caught the side of the boat but the new wave had stricken again. Only God knows HOW Yury Misaylov could catch by one hand the side of the boat and another hand somebody who had been near him.

During 5 hours (from 3:00 am till 8:00 am on March,14) they were fighting for their lives against the strong wind (30 meters per second), cold water (- 3°C) and waves (3-5 meters height) on the boat which had turned over.

Yury Misaylov had given the first medical help to the man whose life was saved had been talking with him like rescuer-psychologist to bring down his panic fear.

Thanks to that efforts and huge desire to survive they could wait for the rescuers.
Unfortunately nobody knows something about other fishermen (4 people) also being on those boat.

Probably Yury Misaylov was born under the lucky star. Maybe practice of martial arts helped him to become the strong-willed person.

However, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Happy one another birthday…
Thanks for possibility to be close by. We are proud of you.

Sakhalin aikido federation, members.


Sakhalin aikidoists at Singapore

The member of Sakhalin Aikido Federation Alexander Kuklev (1st dan Aikido Aikikai) has visited aikido trainings at Singapore during his business trip.

Missis Penny Ng (4th dan Aikido Aikikai) and John Ti (4th dan) were the instructors who had practiced aikido together with Alexander. Trainings lasted for 1,5 hours and after them Alexander had been telling about history of Aikido in Sakhalin region. His stories provoked curiosity and Missis Penny Ng (4th dan Aikido Aikikai) had decided to visit Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and to practice aikido together.



The year 2010 just had started but it has already brought good news to leaders and members Sakhalin aikido federation.

In February, 2010 Valery Bastrakov – the leader of Khabarovsk aikido federation came to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. 4 long years there was no possibility to meet each other but now the meeting had taken place.

Unfortunately there were a few days for relations but the leaders did their best to practice aikido and solve questions of co-operation.

One another news is visiting Sapporo, Japan by leader of Sakhalin aikido federation Yury Misaylov. The main purpose of his visit was the strengthening relations between Sakhalin aikido federation and Aikido Kobayashi Dojo (Hassamu Dojo), Saporo.

During 2 weeks there were aikido trainings under the leadership of Sakashita sensei, iaido and sedo trainings under the leadership of Inoue sensei.



The children’s examination

The end of January, 2010 for the Sakhalin Aikido Federation was marked by the children’s group examination. The youngest aikidoists of Sakhalin Aikido Federation for the first time during 2 hours were demonstrating aikido techniques which they had been learning for half-a-year period.
In the end of examination children received the certificates and color belts from the leader of Sakhalin Aikido Federation Yuri Misaylov.
As to children who practice aikido more than 2 years, they will have an examination in May, 2010.



The New Year holiday together

3 Days before the Year 2010 the members of Sakhalin Aikido Federation gathered to celebrate the New Year.
All Sakhalin aikidoists (including aikidoists from Korsakov and 2 children groups) were glad to meet and congratulate each other.
On the eve of festive evening a creative competition was declared at the children group: to draw the dream. Also the children who have brought the drawings had received the presents such as album, colors and color pencils to develop their creative abilities.

At the same time all little aikidoists received the sweet presents and calendar on 2010 with aikido pictures specially made by members of Sakhalin Aikido Federation on the New Year holiday and new task: to bring lovely photo on the theme:
- my winter holidays
- my favorite pet
Children were happy and went home with presents, parents and good mood.
All adult aikidoists celebrated the New Year eve with tea and sweet home cake.




All the members of Sakhalin aikido Federation congratulate Oleg Gainulin on the birth of children. Wish him to summon up patience and bring out the best in them.




Sakhalin aikidoists at Tokyo
The capital of Japan was the place where Sakhalin aikidoists had been taking part at the international aikido seminar under the leadership of Yasuo Kobayashi sensei (8th dan aikido aikikai) and Hiroaki Kobayashi sensei (6th dan aikido aikikai). Also aikidoists from Japan, South Korea, France, US, Poland, Sweden were there and had been taking part in that seminar too. The number of participants was more than 150 people. There were 8 trainings and especially attention was spared to techniques with jo and bo-ken.
Sakhalin aikido Federation was represented by Yuri Misaylov and Victor Misaylov. During the period being in Tokyo they have visited Hombu Dojo and had been training under the leadership of Doshu – Moriteru Ueshiba.

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